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22 December 2011 @ 04:39 pm
FIRST! I got a C, C+, C+, C+, B- for my grades :D I'm pleased haha!~ This term was horribly stressful, so to have one C as my lowest grade is fantastic for me ^.^ Next term is going to kick ass!!

So, yes, um, 91 days left and I'm so excited XD
If you're wondering what's in 91 days - look at my icon - if you still don't know, The Hunger Games movie!!! Seriously, I can't wait for this movie!!! I've only watched the trailer twice - first time on mute lol I can't watch it because I get like a fat kid in a candy store mentality and freak out in joy XD So yes, I'm excited!
I'm also looking to take up archery, but I can't find a place close by.. I would have to travel two cities over for it T^T -- but I'm still thinking about doing that even haha!
Also, I'm totally dressing up for the midnight premier!! I'm going to cake up with make-up like a Capitol person and even wear a wig haha~~ It's also going to be sweet because my Children's Lit class is going to be studying Hunger Games which is going to be superawesomefantastic!! Like WOO!!

One thing that's making me mad - even though I thought it too when I heard about the series - is how people are saying that it's just Battle Royale Americanized >_> errrm, no. lol. As a HUGE BR fan, this series is nothing like it. The idea of having kids kill each other is the only comparison. By that, it can be said that Resident Evil is the same as Zombieland because it has zombies... no lol. Pretty sure Katniss doesn't have an exploding necklace. It's not a random bad class chosen; it's a lottery for 12 districts. BR is mainly a bloodbath which is an awesome movie, but Hunger Games is more heartfelt ^.^

but anyway! enough of that haha~~ I'm just too excited!! The only thing right now I'm questionning is Lenny Kravitz as Cinna lol like what?? but oh well, I'm perfectly happy with the others so it's all good!! Josh Hutcherson sure grew up nicely kekekeke~~ I feel like a pedo or something because I know him as the little boy in Zathura and Terabithia, but he's only a year and like 8 months younger than me lol unfortunately, he's with Vanessa Hudgens who I've always disliked lol

Anyway!!! LOVE HUNGER GAMES!!!!! I'm going to be a crazy come March - this is only the beginning XD
Kira: The Hunger Gamesyunho_ism on December 24th, 2011 02:05 am (UTC)
glad to know i'm not the only one counting down the days 'til the movie premiere. XD
i'm not very happy with lenny kravitz as well.
hugh dancy would've been a better cinna!
but josh hutcherson is one adorable peeta.<3