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26 December 2011 @ 07:39 pm
I have these SEVEN fics going:

The Beauty of Cyphron (Yunjae)
Life in the limelight (Yunjae/Yoosu)
Truth or Dare (Several)
Life and Death (Yunjae)
Feuding Souls (Yunjae)
Forever Ours (Yunjae)
Miserable Lives (Yunjae) / (Yoosu) / (Jaemin) / (Homin) 

Next up:

Forever (Yoosu)
WAR (Yunjae)
Diabolus Luminarius (Yunjae) / (Yoosu) / (Kimin)
#8713 (Yunjae)

--------Fics To Come---------

Diabolus Luminarius (Yunjae) / (Yoosu) / (Kimin) -- R
An angel is sent on a dangerous mission to secure a human from the darkness. This one man possesses great power and the angel will kill any demon that tries to harm the mortal. Why all the trouble? The human would grow to be the new lord of Heaven on his twenty-first birthday. However, one demon - the young prince of the demon lord - is determined to show his worth by enslaving the human and killing the angel protector. Will their missions remain unchanged after the two sides meet? Or will they bend to their desires?

Sold (Homin) / (Yunjae) / (Jaemin) -- R
Changmin woke up to find himself on stage. What's more, he was butt-naked about to be sold off. A man five years older than him decided to purchase him. He will make sure that this man gets more than he bargained for.

Most Wanted (Yunjae) / (Yoosu) -- R
Jaejoong is the best sharp shooter in South Korea. He has killed hundreds of people, but there's someone he wants to kill more than anyone. Yunho is an ex-assassin who loves bugging a certain sharp shooter by killing the targets before the man gets a chance to complete his mission.

Guardian Angel (Homin) / (Yunjae) -- PG
Changmin and Yunho have had their problems, but nothing too serious. When Yunho has a near death experience, he can see otherworldly beings and one turns out to be his guardian angel.

WAR (Yunjae) -- R
Jaejoong- a waiter among other things, is dragged into the war. With no other choice, he joins in the fight. Unfortunately, he's only brought to the camp for one thing- pleasure.

Thief (Yoosu) -- PG-13/NC-17
Junsu has a huge crush on a business man named Park Yoochun, but he doesn't stand a chance as a beggar on the streets. Stealing, he gets enough money to buy some clothes and he meets Yoochun. He tells him his name is Junho and Yoochun believes all the lies he spews out.

My Brother (SuJae) PG-13/NC-17
When Junsu was only a teenager, his parents died, leaving him and his seven year old brother to fend for themselves. Jaejoong loves his brother dearly, but Junsu has no idea that he loves him in an unbrotherly way.

A Promise for Life (Yunjae) -- PG-13/NC-17
Jaejoong met four people on his first day of school and one of them was rather strange. He befriends them all, but as he grows older, he starts to stray away from them when the oddball suddenly disappears. What will happen when the little boy that Jaejoong loved comes back in his life?

Scandal (Yunjae) / (Suchun) / (Kimin) -- PG-13/NC-17
Yunho and his two friends, Changmin and Yoochun decide to play a trick on the three most popular people in their school. What happens when those three brothers find out that they have been lied to?

Room 909/606 (Jaeho) -- R
Jaejoong is a hooker and damn proud of it. He gets awesome sex from the best looking, not to mention, richest men in the city and he doesn't have to be tied down. All that ends when he makes a simple mistake with addresses. Yunho is a seventeen year old who's never been laid. When opportunity comes knocking, he welcomes the hottie with open arms.

My Obsession (Yunjae) -- PG-13/NC-17
Yunho goes to Paris for a photo shoot at the eiffel tower. When he meets the photographer, he is intrigued by the French man. What he doesn't know is that the raven-haired man already has a crush on him, only a bit more excessive than normal.

Just A Toy (Yunjae) -- PG
Yunho lives a simple life like any other teenager, until he meets a strange man at a tea shop. Jaejoong is a man who never leaves his house, unless it's for supplies. He is socially inept and doesn't care about any other person. The only thing he loves is his doll.

Life in the Limelight (Yunjae) / (Yoosu) / (Kimin) -- R
Years were spent trying to get where I am today. With my friends, I was able to seize my dream no matter how tears were shed. I did ask for this life and I have no one to blame but myself for all my problems. Seeing how the people will flock just to be by my side, I wish that a certain person would do the same. He's the only person who can take my breath away, but we've fought so many times, knowing the perfect words to hurt each other with. Those arguments were too often and we aren't the same as before. Even knowing that I'd be better off without him at my side, I can't help but hope for it in the future. I wonder if I'll ever get my wish...

Engaged (Yunjae) / (Jaemin) -- PG-13
When Jaejoong's mother passed on, he thought that there was no one left to take care of him. Cleaning out his old house, he finds a letter addressed to him from his late mother. It turns out that he does have someone left. Reading more, he finds that he is actually engaged to the prince of their land! Unfortunately for Jaejoong, not only is he not a girl, there are two princes that await to meet a beautiful bride.

Forever (Yoosu) -- R
Being seven years apart, this odd couple tries to make it work out, but sometimes, it's just too difficult. With Yoochun constantly smoking and dealing with drugs, the young Junsu is always worried about him. Always, he tries to help Yoochun get back on the right track, but it's truly easier said than done.

The Future Is Only Sand (Yunjae) -- R
Jaejoong is a psychic who is kept prisoner by a rapist, his own father. His only defense is finally taken away and he gets beaten every night and sexually abused afterwards. Many attempts to escape are always predicted as a failure, but he tries anyway. On the outside, will he meet the person who can save him and love him or will he forever be caged away?

#8713 (Yunjae) -- R
Modifying humans became a must when natural resources were running out. Humans were merely ruthless animals that preyed on the weak and most are getting out of control. To combat against such creatures, scientists decided to create their own creatures that can control this overpopulated species. Unfortunately, these powerful creatures get out of control themselves.

Jaejoong is a human who is only trying to survive. The fallen cities and the creatures who will eat anything are always after him. All he can do is hide and pray for something good to come with the next rising sun. He doesn't expect that his prayers would be answered in the form of a modified human - a vampire.

Not A Drama (Yunjae) -- PG
Jaejoong is a rabid drama watcher. He loves the ups and downs of it all, sometimes confusing it with his own life. Since he's poor, he knows that a tall, rich man will come and sweep him away from all his problems. His friends think he's rather insane, but when a tall, rich man named Yunho comes around, they are shocked. The problem is: Jaejoong tends to scare anyone he meets with his obsession and delusions on reality. Can this powerful man handle the teenager?

A Cynical Chemistry Of True Love (Jaemin) -- R
Shim Changmin, the most sought after scientist in the world, is also the world's biggest pain in the ass according to his assistant. To Kim Jaejoong, Changmin is most egotistical, annoying, son of a bitch he has ever met. To make things even better, Changmin is in love with Jaejoong and does not know how to go about it. While messing around with a few chemicals one day to try and get Jaejoong to fall him, he uncovers the greatest discovery known to mankind. Unfortunately, with great power comes great danger. Will Changmin be able to keep himself, the chemical and Jaejoong safe? Or will everything slip through his fingers?
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Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~goku_the_saru on September 28th, 2008 01:55 am (UTC)
sure :D yay! I've never been involved in a fic writing before!
kioku_kagamikioku_kagami on September 28th, 2008 01:56 am (UTC)
lol this is only the second time I've been involved with another for writing something and the first was only a oneshot, so this is exciting XD
Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~goku_the_saru on September 28th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
I can't wait :D I love sharing ideas,I just hate the writing part ahaha.
kioku_kagamikioku_kagami on September 28th, 2008 02:08 am (UTC)
really?? I love both parts so much <33 the writing part is just time consuming and currently, I have a lot of time lol
Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~goku_the_saru on September 28th, 2008 02:20 am (UTC)
I'm to ADD I think to sit long enough to write. I get distracted way to easy,and my stories trail off into other stories which trail off into other stories...Etc..
kioku_kagamikioku_kagami on September 28th, 2008 02:23 am (UTC)
ahhh! I just carry my notebook around and write out little points on what the next chapters should be like and voila ^-^ as for sitting down a typing it-- I just listen to dbsk for 2 hours and I'm done :)
kioku_kagamikioku_kagami on September 28th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
Ahh!~~ I have a question -- do you want now-time or the past??
Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~goku_the_saru on September 28th, 2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
hmmm... Either or, I'll leave it up to you.